About us

Since 1993, the Repton Matrix Intelligence Network’s mission has been to provide accurate and useful information quickly and with the utmost discretion. When a client comes to Repton Matrix Intelligence Network, a team led by a member of our core group is custom assembled based on the client’s specific needs. In addition to our core group, we maintain a global network of well-placed and high-level associates.


Agostino von Hassell is the founder and president of Repton Matrix Intelligence Network. Hassell spent his formative years in the United States, graduating from Columbia University in 1974 with a B.A. in European History. He then attended Columbia Journalism School, graduating with awards in 1975. Hassell has extensive expertise in security matters, high-level investigations around the globe, and resolving international trade problems.

Hassell is also the recipient of the 2008 Humanitarian Award from the Detectives’ Endowment Association.

He has led teams on numerous high-profile issues including:

  • Export control
  • Trade actions
  • Economic analysis for anti-dumping cases
  • Political monitoring
  • Defense sales
  • Preparing presentations delivered before the Federal Government
  • Product liability lawsuits
  • Monitoring weapons of mass destruction
  • Background investigations
  • Due diligence